Teaching Resources

(as we build this part of the site up, please email Ben if you have any resources to add here)

Teaching Resources: internal

  • Jamie's Precepting Points  PDF  Date: 03/2012
  • Faculty Development Workshop - May 31, 2012  PDF  Date: 04/2012

    Two hour workshop titled "Developing Skills in the Art of Effective Feedback".  Presented by Dr. Calvin Chou and Dr. Denise Davis, both of UCSF.

  • How to Get the most out of precepting (Ben)  PDF  Date: 03/2012
  • Process Improvement Primer  PDF   by Mike Haiman  Date: 03/2014
  • Office Visit Flow  PDF   by Ben Brown  Date: 06/2016

Teaching Resources: CLIPS

  • CLIPS Grid  Word Doc  Date: 04/2016
  • CLIPS Template  Word Doc  Date: 04/2016