Fostering Diversity


The Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program is committed to train residents who are dedicated to work with underserved populations. We recognize that a patient’s health is largely determined by that person’s cultural milieu. Our patient population comes from all walks of life, whether ethnically, religiously, sexual orientation-wise, economically or otherwise. Because of the patients we serve, all residents graduate with a high aptitude in navigating the interaction between diversity and medicine. The residency prides itself in prioritizing diversity-related experiences and education.

Patient Population

Our clinic possesses a very exciting mix of patients. Linguistically, over 40% of the patients we serve are monolingual Spanish speakers, many of whom are agricultural workers in Sonoma County. Individual resident practices vary markedly - some of our fluent Spanish-speaking resident physicians see as many as 80% monolingual Spanish speakers in their clinics. When residents rotate through their obstetrical months, the percentage of monolingual Spanish speaking patients increases.

Additional ethnic groups represented within our patient population include Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodian, Chinese, Eritrean, and Ethiopian communities. Languages recently represented by our patients and physicians include Spanish, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Hebrew.

We believe patients have the right to receive exceptional care in their own language and recognize that well-trained bicultural physicians are important in communities traditionally underrepresented in medicine. Although bilingual/bicultural residents are highly valued by our patient population, monolingual residents thrive as well. In our clinic setting, monolingual residents have the opportunity to enhance their foreign language skills through the support of our bilingual/bicultural staff, translator phone services, and elective opportunities.

Residency Initiatives

Please see our Engagement and Opportunities page to explore the number of residency activities that promote diversity.