Food Revolution

Our Philosophy: Focus on real, whole foods as a vital part of health and disease prevention. Emphasis on mindful purchase and … more »


Transgender Clinic

 Founded in 2009 by then resident Dr. Suegee Tamar-Mattis, Transgender Clinic serves the health needs of north bay's large and diverse gender-varient population.  Transgender populations have consistantly been shown to be among our … more »

Resident-Physician Wellness

We know that residency is one of the most challenging periods in one’s … more »


Fostering Diversity

   The Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency has developed an innovative cross-cultural curriculum aimed at enhancing cultural awareness and emphasizing its value towards improving patient care.  The program's Culturally Mindful … more »

To Your Health

To Your Health is your premier source of accurate health and medical information from a highly trustworthy and reliable source, Dr. Dave Schneider. Dr. Dave has practiced Family Medicine for nearly 30 years, and has been a full-time teacher of … more »

Diabetes: the Musical

Diabetes: the Musical is an 80's rock opera written, directed by, and starring family doctors from SRFMR. Rachel Friedman and Allison Bacon wrote the musical with goals to promote health and happiness, even in the face of chronic disease, … more »

Cambodian Mental Health Group

 Our clinic includes Loatians, Vietnamese and Cambodians who survived the years of war and genocide in their home countries (1960-1980) and now live in Santa Rosa.  Many of them have residual health problems from those years. … more »

Family Practice Revolution

The new web-based source of contemporary information on primary health care for professionals and consumers. Sponsors of the novel health care e-zine, " FP Revolution" Preview Recent … more »

Global Medicine

Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency has a longstanding interest in providing care to our fellow world citizens.  Our Global Health group provides a forum to share opportunities for health service opportunities outside the … more »

Health and Human Rights Clinic

     This focus threads through all 3 years of residency, and includes an introduction to refugee health and international human rights during internship year, followed in subsequent years by more in-depth training in doing … more »