Diabetes: the Musical

People:  Rachel Friedman

Diabetes: the Musical is an 80's rock opera written, directed by, and starring family doctors from SRFMR. Rachel Friedman and Allison Bacon wrote the musical with goals to promote health and happiness, even in the face of chronic disease, using the engaging medium of storytelling through music to teach concepts in a way that is fun and easy to learn. It's been successfully performed by our amateur (but very enthusiastic) cast of family medicine residents, doctors, and Americorps workers to over 400 people in our community to date (including doctors, nurses, health educators, high school students, and people with diabetes).Now they want to make it available to a wider audience with plans to film an post on the internet!

Brief Plot Summary:

Sue's Story In 1987, Sue Cinnamon and her band, Sugar Rush, rocked this world. Overnight, "Sugar" became a household word, changing the four band members' lives forever during their meteoric rise to fame. Now, 25 years later, Sue's life is about to change all over again with another little word: Diabetes. Paired with her guitarist turned doctor, Wicked Tiffany, Sue's got a lot of learning to do. But she's in good company. 10% of Americans currently have diabetes, and that number is growing. The key to managing this chronic disease is education, lifestyle changes, and empowerment. And that's what this project is all about. If you love the 80's, or music, or even just a good story, this project is for you. If you want to help us tell a story that could empower and educate the millions of Americans living with diabetes, as well as their friends and loved ones, come along with us on this musical journey. It'll rock your world.