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Commitment to Diversity

Community Engagement and Diversity Action Work Group

Since its founding in 2010, the Community Engagement and Diversity Action Work Group (CEDAWG) is a steering committee comprised of faculty and residents who work together to engage with issues of inequity and remain committed to addressing racism within our residency and sponsoring institutions. There are two resident co-chair positions (R2 & R3).

CEDAWG’s mission statement is to promote and strengthen a relationship between the residency program and the diverse communities we serve, guided by a mindset of cultural mindfulness and compassion, in our pursuit for overall wellness for all.

2019-2020 CEDAWG Chairs: Lara Crystal-Ornelas, MD and Ruth Pedraza, MD

Our overarching goals are to:

  • Create a connection within our patients’ communities through mindful communication.
  • Empower these diverse communities through the acts of education, mentoring, and relationship-building.
  • Better the health and wellness of the communities we serve through a community-based approach.
  • Learn the importance of developing cultural mindfulness when working within the communities we serve.

CEDAWG’s sponsored activities include: Quarterly social events (e.g. Posada, karaoke, sushi making, movie nights), quarterly resident & faculty meeting, hosting CEDAWG sponsored grand rounds (e.g. Differential Treatment of Pain in the Hospital, Critical Race Theory), pre-orientation URM intern welcome reception.

Faculty Diversity

The cultural, racial, socioeconomic, and gender diversity of our faculty have evolved over time from predominantly Caucasian and male to a more balanced cross-section.  However, our core faculty does not yet fully reflect the diverse population we serve. To most optimally align with our patients needs. We recognize that this must change and are actively working toward diversifying our faculty. As the diversity as our residents increases, we are leveraging the diversity of their insight in order to inform the cultivation of an environment where our residents can thrive, see themselves as future faculty, and contribute to recruitment efforts of diverse faculty from around the country. 

Culturally Responsive Medicine Curriculum

The mission of our curriculum is to promote and strengthen the relationship between the residency program and the diverse communities we serve, guided by a mindset of cultural mindfulness and compassion. Our specific goals are as follows: 

(1) Understand the impact of culture and identity on health.

(2) Develop skills to provide culturally responsive care.

(3) Appreciate the importance of self-reflection and identity development as physicians.

(4) Contribute to the empowerment and wellness of the diverse communities we serve through the acts of education, service, mentoring, and relationship-building.

(5) Nurture a diverse and inclusive environment where all of our residents can develop into outstanding family physicians prepared to engage and serve their community. 

Our three-year longitudinal curriculum includes training in cultural mindfulness, health disparities, and linguistically appropriate care. Through formal didactics, experiential learning activities, and a newly launched diversity, equity and inclusion organizational change process, residents will develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to provide culturally responsive health care.