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Past Future Faces of Family Medicine Graduates

Kitana Garcia

FFFM Graduate

I am a first generation, Mexican-American in my senior year of high school at Roseland University Prep. My goals are to graduate from a four year university, graduate from medical school, become a surgeon, and give back to my Roseland Community. My 3xFM experience helped further my passion to be a part of the Medical field. My favorite part about this program was being able to have a hands on experience on what a family physician does. I am grateful to have been able to participate in this wonderful program which offered opportunities to me that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to have.

Brenda Vargas Tapia

FFFM Graduate

I am a first generation Xicana. I graduated from Piner High School in 2019. This fall, I will attend San Jose State University to double major in Political Science and Xicanx studies. Partaking in 3xFM during my senior year of high school and completing the Kaiser Permanente Launch internship throughout the summer have allowed me to delve deeper into the world of healthcare. These experiences have shown me the “ins and outs” within this field and they are the reason why I aspire to advocate for more accessible healthcare needs within marginalized communities. This program truly cares and invests in their participants which is why I will always support and recommend this program. 3xFM teaches students that “Si Se Puede.”

Lindsey Tah-Espens

FFFM Graduate 2018

I am entering my second year at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Like some of you I am a first-generation college student and a women of color (Latina) entering a STEM field. At UCSB, I am completing my pre-biology requirements with the intention of majoring in either microbiology or genetics and I am minoring in Classics. In addition to completing pre-medical requirements, I am also the co-fundraising chair for Los Curaderos (a latino/a pre-health club). I was a part of the FFFM program in 2018 as a senior in high school. For most of my life I had aspired to be a vet up until the beginning of my senior year when I became overwhelmed with the various careers I could potentially pursue. All I knew was that I wanted to do something regarding medicine. It was because of the birth simulation/birth control workshop with FFFM that I developed a passion for family medicine. I am really grateful for this experience because it has guided me in choosing a pathway that will someday lead me to medical school. For those of you who are in high school and feel confused about what you might want to do someday, I strongly encourage you to join the program because it will expose you to potential careers.

Shawn Ruíz

FFFM Graduate 2015/2016

I am a Mexican-American, gay, first-generation college student who graduated from Roseland University Prep High School in 2017. I am entering my third year at Kenyon College, where I am majoring in women’s and gender studies and completing the pre-medical requirements, with the intention of attending medical school. My 3xFM experience (2015 & 2016), and my summer internship experience with the Sutter Family Medicine Residency Program (2019), fueled my passion for medicine. It is because of the opportunities the 3xFM program provided me with that I now aspire to become a family medicine physician; I am very grateful for this experience, and I encourage anyone who is even slightly interested in a career in healthcare to join the program!

Tricia Tran

FFFM Graduate 2014

I went to Piner High School, Class of 2014. I am a second-generation Asian American. My parents migrated here from Vietnam as young adults. I am bilingual and speak Cantonese and English. I studied at San Francisco State University with a Business Management and graduated in 2018. I now work at a small non-profit called Alliance for Smiles whose mission is to provide free comprehensive treatment for cleft lip and palate anomalies. Some of my goals for the future is to become a Project Manager, get into powerlifting and build a strong community of like-minded people. The most valuable part of my 3xFM experience was the hands-on experience I was given. Apart from job-shadowing, I appreciated the opportunity to utilize tools on patience and be engaged with them. My favorite aspect of 3xFM was the camaraderie being developed with your mentor and comrades exchanging ideas and experiences.

Yessica P. Moran Valencia

FFFM Graduate 2013

I was born in Cotija, Michoacan, where we are known for our “fragrant” cheeses. I moved to Santa Rosa, California when I was six years old and adopted a new language and new culture. I come from a large Latino family and was the first to graduate from a four year university in May 2018. My journey began at Dominican University (2013) where I attended for two years and later transferred to Sonoma State University where I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in Physiology. I always knew I wanted to be part of the healthcare field, but I didn’t know exactly that I wanted to become, until I joined Future Faces of Family Medicine. I joined FFFM in 2013 when the program was first developed and was one of four students from Piner High School. During my time in this program I loved the diversity in doctors and patients, as well as the on hand experiences, and workshops that I got to experience. Most importantly, FFFM provided the support and exposure that I needed to know that family medicine was what I loved and the reason why I am pursuing a career as a Family Nurse Practitioner. In order to achieve my goal, I am currently working as a Scribe at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital gaining experience, and fulfilling prerequisites to become part of a Masters Nursing program. I hope to soon obtain my Masters in Nursing and then begin a doctorate program in hopes to obtain my NP certification.

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