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Elective Rotation: Adding Electives


Location: The residency

It is our hope that adding electives is self expainatory.  You just click on the green ‘add elective’ button and if you are signed it it will bring up a form to fill out. Just follow the form sections to add your elective.  You can also comment on other peoples electives if you are signed in.  

Please only add specific, focused experiences as entries.  For example, a course you took, or international clinic you visited, rather than a full description of many different things that you did over 2 weeks.

For brief experiences such as one or several half-days of shadowing a community provider in clinic, please create an entry under "Brief Experiences" when adding the eljust enter the physician’s name along with a very brief explanation of his or her practice and contact information, and add this experience under the category "Brief Experiences."

Please contact one of us if you have any concerns or issues.

Thanks Ben and Cristina

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Hospitalito Atitlán

From: Yael Eskinazi

I spent three weeks in Santiago, Guatemala at the Hospitalito Atitlan. Santiago is located on the beautiful shores of Lago de Atitlan--a site where many former Santa Rosa grads have worked on away rotations. We were mainly based in the outpatient clinic, doing peds urgent care, routine prenatal care, and seeing adults many of whom had COPD and DM. For a couple of days, we were based in the ED, attending to the emergencies that walked in. The staff of the Hospitalito was warm, and it proved to be an interesting cultural and linguistic experience-- using an interpreter to help translate Spanish to Tzutujil. We worked along side several American volunteers as well as Guatemalan doctors. We also had the opportunity to travel to more remote communities to provide basic consultations and medications in pediatric and prenatal care. Overall it was a worthwhile experience to become acquainted with primary care in a new context.

International OB experience

From: MaryAnn Dakkak

Fortunately I had my electives back to back, so within this time I was able to: 1. Complete the 3-part asylum training (three complete Mondays and 1.5 days for writing of reports) 2. 4 1/2 days of additional OB (OR time with Dr. Wang, time with Dr. Arvon at CPMC, antenatal testing) 3. One 1/2 day in the ICN 4. One day at the Hesperian Foundation which publishes literature for global health (like, "where there is no doctor") 5. Additionally, I went to Kansas City to represent the residency and recruit, which wasn't too much international, nor OB, but I did get to talk about our amazing opportunities in SR!

Forestville Wellness Center

From: Tahereh Mirzakazemi

I spent a day shadowing Dr Connie Earl at the Wellness center. I observed her practicing osteopathic maneuvers and joint visits with other health providers I clouding herbalists, acupuncturists and integrative Medicine. I highly recommend it as an experience prior to graduating residency.

Reproductive Health Procedural Skills

From: Lara Crystal-Ornelas

2 weeks of elective selective filled with the following activities: 1. working with Dr. Sanchez in his colposcopy clinic, which he holds 1 Thursday per month at the Lombardi clinic. Very hands on and great teaching. You can email him to work this out and see his schedule on ECW. 2. I worked with Dr. Jiménez to join him on a Planned Parenthood day at the San Rafael clinic doing vasectomies. It is important to have been exposed to the procedure with him prior to working with him at PP since volume is often high and it's important to be familiar with the steps of the procedure. This can be done at vasectomy clinic at SRCH by shadowing him and 3rd year if you are a 2nd yr or by completing your WH block 3rd year. 3. I worked with Dr. Lossy to schedule a day at Planned Parenthood to do tabs at the Walnut Creek site. Tricky to schedule around 3rd yrs doing CREATE but well worth figuring logistics out. 4. I participated in Contra Costa's point of care ultrasound training course, an incredible hands on workshop that occurs twice a year (winter and summer) and is part of the certification process. Other training sites exist as well. For more info, you can check out the AAFP website for POCUS certification or contra costa's website for their specific training info.

Elective Away - PINCC global health trip (preventing cervical cancer)

From: Lara Crystal-Ornelas

A co-resident and I flew to Nairobi, Kenya, met the group volunteering for this PINCC (Preventing Cervical Cancer Internationally) trip and together we flew to Kisumu and drove 2 hours to the rural town of Oyugis where we stayed and worked at the local hospital/ clinic. We spent 5 days working in makeshift bays that we set up. We had 3 patient "rooms" and with the help of community members recruiting patients, we completed about 300-400 exams during our 5 days there. We were training a group of about 7-10 nurses and PAs to complete VIA (direct visualization of the cervix with acetic acid) and on the spot treatment for patients if necessary. We used a train the trainer technique and did the exams with the nurses and PAs and by the end of the week, most were able to be certified for VIA and some certified in the thermocoagulation treatment technique for low risk lesions. I was able to do a leep procedure supervised by an OGBYN for a high risk lesion. I feel my exam skills, teaching skills, and experience visualizing and identifying low vs high risk lesions improved immensely. This organization is fantastic and this was the 3rd trip they have made to this location. They do fantastic, longitudinal, and sustainable global health work. Highlighly recommend!

Elective Away

From: Lara Crystal-Ornelas

I spent my 2 week elective away initially finalizing and submitting my family planning applications and reviewing modules on gender affirming care. I then traveled to Guadalajara to visit my grandmother and participate in the final presentation of a program called "Clubes de Ciencia" for Mexican students 18-25 years of age interested in STEM education. I then traveled to Providence, RI to stay with family and participate in the 4 day ASCCP colposcopy conference, which was extremely educational and also hands-on.