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Elective Rotation: Advanced wilderness life support training

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Contact: Tyler C.R. Gray

Location: Mt. Hood Oregon

3 day AWLS course culminating in AWLS certification. Focused on a wide variety of clinical issues one may come across in the wilderness. Trains you to be more equipped for your own explorations or to help lead groups as a medical doctor. Various groups offer the training at various locations around the country. Other, similar options are the Wilderness upgrade for medical professionals (WUMP) with NOLS.


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AWLS Black Mountain, NC

From: Laura Kromann

I also did a 3 day AWLS course culminating in AWLS certification sponsored by Appalachian Center for Wilderness Medicine. I had a great experience and feel more prepared on my own explorations and with groups. Very hands on course: lots of practical patient encounters. Worked with a wonderful group of people. Learned a ton. Would def recommend it.