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Elective Rotation: Ambulatory Chief & Women’s Health Procedures & Career Development & FPC Clinic

Contact: Emily Shaw

Location: Vista Family Health Center, Planned Parenthood: Vallejo and Fairfield, Southwest Community Health Center

I spent 2 weeks supplementing my many FPC clinic days and Ambulatory Chief duties with time for womens health procedures including 2 full days at Planned Parenthood to do some advanced training in abortions and one morning at Southwest Community Health Center with Dr. Enrique Sanchez doing colposcopies. I spent one half day developing and discussing my TEACH (advanced abortion training program) project with Panna Lossy and Suzan Goodman. I spent 2 half days working on my Ambulatory Chief project planing and carrying out a focus group with the Red Clinic medical assistants and then documenting the findings. I also gave myself 3 half days to spend on career development were I consulted with several faculty and non-faculty physicians at Vista, created my “want list” and put together my resume and sent it out in an application for jobs for next year.

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