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Elective Rotation: Asylum Training


Contact: Nathalie Boittin

Location: Santa Rosa

I spent a day on elective doing the asylum training with Lucia Roncalli. This was a full day at her house going through the pretty voluminous ledger of articles and information about different aspects of the asylum interview.

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Asylum Evaluation

From: Eric Wilson

I have spent time during electives completing the one day Asylum Didactics followed by two separate days completing evaluations of asylum applicants. These are always scheduled on Mondays and can be set up well in advance of the elective time. Two evaluations is the minimum for completion of asylum certification, though more evaluations can be completed. It is important however to have back up plans in case the evaluation for that day falls through.

From: Danielle Wisniewski

I also spent time with Lucia, a total of 3 days. The first day we went through the asylum training curriculum, the second day I observed her doing an asylum interview, and the third day I performed an asylum interview with her. The interviews were 2 members of the same family. It was educational and memorable!

asylum training

From: Navee Sidhu

Spent 2 days working with Lucia. First day to complete didactics. On the second day I participated in the asylum interview with Dr Roncalli. It was incredibly educational. Requires time to set up. Best to contact Dr Roncalli a few months in advance.

Asylum Training

From: Talia Kostick

Since Lucia no longer lives here in Santa Rosa, it's important to contact her early int he process of planning an elective so that you know when she might be coming back to CA. I think that asylum training can easily be a weeklong elective, if not a two weeklong elective. -One day of didactics in person or over Skype with Lucia. This is a full day, mostly talking and reviewing the various articles in the binder. Best to do with other residents also wanting to get trained as discussion is large part of the day. -One day of reading. The asylum training binder has TONS of information and articles. Lucia prefers that you do the didactics with her first and then do the reading. If possible, it would be great to make your schedule such that you have time to do the reading before an interview/evaluation. -Each interview is a day long. Since Lucia no longer lives in Santa Rosa, I hosted the interviews at my home. At first i thought this would be awkward given that a physical exam is part of the evaluation. However, this was not the case at all and it was quite lovely to host the experience in my home. Lucia will request that you have lunch and coffee/tea to provide. -Lucia suggests at least a day for each evaluation write up. I found that it took MUCH longer. This may just be me, but I would suggest scheduling two days for a single write up. There's lots of back and forth with Lucia and it's time consuming. With a day for didactics, a day for reading, a day for the evaluation and two for the write up, that would be a full week of activities. If you are wanting to do two evaluations, then you'd be at 8 days of activities and could find additional reading or events/activities (going to some of the local resources/law firms in the area) to fill those two more days to complete a 2 week elective period. Lucia spends a chunk of time discussing the psychology and neurology/brain chemistry changes involved in trauma. It was a wonderful foundation to approach these very intense interviews. Lucia is an amazing human and I can't recommend learning from her more highly!