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Elective Rotation: Buprenorphine training


Contact: Ann Griego

Location: On-line

I enrolled in the 8 hour on-line course to receive a license to prescribe buprenorphine. The cost was $200. The course is organized by Clinical Tools, Inc with a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The course is designed for primary care providers wishing to prescribe buprenorphine in the office setting for opioid dependence. It consists of 9 modules that cover topics from opioid dependence, pharmacokinetics, logistics of prescribing, and explicit descriptions for the how-to’s of prescribing – along with links to literally hundreds of online resources. There are written descriptions, case examples, and quizzes throughout. The website tracks the time you spend actually going through the modules – and you do not receive the certificate unless 8 hours are completed – which for some reason ended up being a little difficult. You have a month from when you begin the modules till completion. Overall – a pretty painless way to get a license for prescribing buprenorphine.


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American Society of Addiction Medicine Bup Training

From: Karl Greer

I completed the 8 hour ASAM online buprenorphine training. It was well designed and easy to use. Lots of useful references are provided in addition to the course material. I felt well prepared to start prescribing buprenorphine for addiction treatment. Residents only pay $100. Web site is www.buppractice.com. Email them for discount code. You do not need a license to complete the course. Once you are licensed you can submit your certificate for your X number. After the course I spent some time at the Santa Rosa Treatment Program. Very helpful to see buprenorphine management in practice right after the training. Contact Lee Tillman or River Dansing. Also see Jen King's elective on addiction medicine for other resources.

American Society of Addiction Medicine

From: Ellie Wiener

I also did the 8 hour online training. They are still offering the resident discount (email for the discount code). Was a very good online training.

From: Alisa Awtry

I did the same online buprenorphine training. Clinical Tools now offers a resident discount so the total cost was only $99. Otherwise, experience very similar to Ann's.

Excellent online training.

From: Kimberly Clinite

I also completed this training. It is free and provides materials for reference after the course is completed. I highly recommend.