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Elective Rotation: Child Family Health International


Contact: Laura Vega

Location: Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico

2wks of working in a Centro de Salud in a rural setting in Puerto Escondido. Seeing variety of acute health complaints daily. Also have the opportunity to do more hospital work vs more maternity care if desire. Includes Spanish course bases on current Spanish speaking ability and get to practice this in the clinical setting and with host family. Also half day lectures done once a week on common health disparities affecting area.


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CFHI Puerto Escondidi, Oaxaca Mexico Community and Tropical Medicine Immersion

From: Guillermo Padila

Learned about the Public health system and health care delivery through working in the Centro de Salud. Saw 15-20 pt's per day at the Centro de Salud in different Neighborhoods and had a chance to practice medical Spanish.

CHFI: Intensive Beginner Spanish in Oaxaca, Mexico

From: allison spicher

During medical school, I attended a Intensive Beginner Spanish course (specifically geared towards medical providers) in Oaxaca, Mexico through CFHI. I found this course to be very immersive, the quality of the teaching was exceptional, the teachers are passionate, and Oaxaca is a beautiful city with a rich history. CFHI is a sustainable and intentional organization that is rated highly by the United Nations. I would highly recommend any of their programs.