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Elective Rotation: Colposcopy – 1 day


Contact: Mary Puttmann-Kostecka, Enrique Sanchez

Location: Lombardi

Friday colpo clinics with Enrique Sanchez. 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month. Check with him ahead of time for the schedule. High-volume colpo, possibility of LEEPs. Great for getting higher volume procedure experience. Rotation for R3s, possibly R2s who’ve done WH month.

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From: Mary Puttmann-Kostecka

Contact Enrique several months in advance to make sure he'll have colpo clinic that day. Sometimes he can change if you can only make it on a certain day but not always. It does have to be a Friday am though bc that's when the procedure room is free.(at least at this point). Karissa Moreno is a good contact person and if you get the day set up she can put your name at the beginning of his schedule so he doesn't accidentally tell two people they can come. It's useful to review the guidelines and the book in orance clinic ahead of time to be prepared. **NOTE: Lombardi starts at 8 - not 8:45 like Vista, so if you show up at 8:30 you'll miss the first patient.

From: Tierney Allen

I agree with the above. There have been some changes since the entry was written: Currently (2018), colpo clinic at Lombardi is Thursday morning. Reach out to Dr. Sanchez himself for scheduling.

From: Brendan Payne

Agree with all above. Again, some changes since prior entries made. Currently (2019), Dr. Sanchez does colpo 2x/month, on either Monday afternoon or Thurs morning, but this seems to be a bit of a moving target. Excellent learning opportunity, high-volume, good structured teaching from Dr. Sanchez, especially regarding standardized ASCCP terminology. Couldn't recommend this experience higher.