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Elective Rotation: Direct Primary Care (DPC) North Carolina Rotation

Contact: Brendan Payne

Location: Wilson, NC

Spent 5 days working with Dr. Parker at his new Direct Primary Care clinic in Wilson, NC. Dr. Parker recently left a traditional model group practice to open his own low-overhead Direct Primary Care clinic. He has a patient panel of ~1,000 rural, mostly uninsured patients who pay $45 per month and $20 per visit to have him as their family doctor. This fee includes almost all basic labs and procedures (even vasectomies!!). If any additional labs/imaging/procedures/referrals need to be ordered, the cost is made transparent and is always MUCH lower than what insurance charges. He spends, on average, 45 minutes with each patient and sees 6-10 patients per day, accepts same-day standby patients, and directly fields his patients’ calls, texts, and emails (because he has TIME to!!!). Interesting alternative primary care model with lots of pros (and of course cons) that may be a good option for me down the road.


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