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Elective Rotation: ED at Sonoma Valley ED


Contact: Anastasia Coutinho

Location: Sonoma Valley Hospital

Spent multiple 12-hour shifts with Drs. Matel and Dolan in the SVH ED. Great experience for those interested in ED, rural medicine, or procedures. For those who want to get better at US, is a great experience because you can US normals and abnormals. Would totally recommend for learning! Also, two fantastic personalities.

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Sonoma Valley ED

From: Kim Clinite

Agreed. This was a great way to expand ED learning. I especially appreciated learning from family medicine trained physicians. Also a great way to continued to work on POC ultrasound skills.

From: Danielle Wisniewski

Also spent a 12 hour shift at the Sonoma Valley ED with Dr. Matel and it was great learning. Small but busy ED, getting to triage patients and really go into the room with just the chief complaint and vitals. This is a good chance to use your ultrasound skills.