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Elective Rotation: Elsie Allen clinic

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Contact: Tyler C.R. Gray

Location: Elsie Allen Teen clinic

I spent a few days working with Erin Moilanen at the Elsie Allen clinic, located at Elsie Allen High School in southwest Santa Rosa. I did direct patient visits, not shadowing, mostly on reproductive health and STD testing, but a smattering of other stuff. You will give the depo and ceftriaxone injections yourself! Great atmosphere and Erin is awesome to work with. Check the schedule in eCW as to who is working each day and ask them ahead of time if you can join.

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Elsie Allen Clinic

From: Dwiju Kumar

This submission is for 9/2017, but I spent several days at Elsie Allen Clinic during a few of my electives. It's a great clinic to gain experience in working with adolescents. Though there are a few general health/urgent care/mental health visits, most are pertaining to reproductive and sexual health. It's a great place to get more experience placing nexplanons/IUDs and starting other forms of birth control. Erin Moilanen is great to work with and there is a lot of autonomy.