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Elective Rotation: Food, Nutrition, and Medicine

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Contact: Hana Grobel

Location: Galicia, Spain

I worked on an organic farm through WOOF (world wide organization of organic farms) in Galicia, Spain for a month with Miguel and his family (3 young kids and wife). It was wonderful and a great experience to get your hands in the dirt and taste what fresh veggies really taste like, to learn about honey and the bees, see farm animals live and die, the symbiotic relationship of animal, human, and food, and to not think much about medicine (pills, that is). I searched through the WOOF website (you have to pay $40 for each country you search, and they have farms all over the world that are solely organic and all about sustainability). Definitely recommend it.

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Elective interest

From: Morgan Lobe

Hi Hana I am a 4th year medical student, highly interested in nutrition, healing, and integrative medicine. I would love to hear more about your experience in spain and also your integrative studies in Zen meditation in Asia.I am thinking of taking a year between 4th year and residency to travel and experience traditional medicine in various cultures and was wondering if you had an recommendations regarding either of those experiences. I am also very interested in the Santa Rosa residency program. I know you are super busy, but would love any response you can offer. Thanks! I hope to hear back from you! Morgan Lobe