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Elective Rotation: FQHCs Sacramento Area

Contact: Brandon Cortez

Location: Greater Sacramento Area

I worked at CommuniCare FQHC in Woodland, CA with Dr. Edge. I learned about their integrated MAT program with wraparound services and saw patients with Dr. Edge to learn more about the patient population and FQHC systems in the Greater Sacramento Area. I also met with Dr. Pinot at WellSpace Alhambra Clinic to learn about their clinic system. I met over the phone with the CEO of PeachTree, another Sacramento FQHC, again to get a sense of the scope of practice and options for uninsured and underinsured patients. It was an overall excellent experience in comparing our FQHC offerings in Sonoma County. I learned several new outpatient Family Practice resources from Dr. Edge, including the UCSF Transgender Guidelines and Family Practice Handbook.

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