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Elective Rotation: Grand Canyon Clinic

Contact: Joel Charles, Samantha Tress

Location: Grand Canyon Village, South Rim Grand Canyon

There is a year-round clinic at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon inside the national park at Grand Canyon Village. They see about 1/2 primary care visits for workers at the village (NPS workers, concessions workers) and 1/2 urgent care for those same people and for tourists visiting and hiking in the park. I only saw the urgent care visits. I was there in the fall so the volume wasn’t as high and I didn’t get to see as much severe dehydration, rhabdo, or msk as I would have in the summer. That being said, if you’re lucky you can go out with the National Park Service at least on their ambulance calls on in the village, and if you’re lucky and fit and have hiking experience, you can potentially go out on search and rescue missions. The other possibility if you a lucky, and fit, and have hiking experience is to shadow a ranger/medic inside the park at Indian Garden and/or Phantom Ranch… a very worthwhile experience which I got to do.


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