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Elective Rotation: HIV Medicine, telemedicine


Contact: Cathryn Christensen

Location: Various, Healdsburg Hospital

1) Completed HIV online modules for CME through UWashington website, as part of the HIV training track. 2) Shadowed Dr. Jim Gude to experience the telemedicine robot system he has established to support rural ICUs in California and under-resourced hospitals globally.

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HIV Medicine

From: Ann Griego

I also completed the HIV online modules for 30 hours of CME through UWashington website (www.depts.washington.edu/hivaids.) Each module take approximately 30 minutes to complete, is framed around a case presentation, with discussion and then a quiz at the end. Covers a huge range of topics. Very helpful - and the CME is a nice bonus that can help go toward HIV boarding.

HIV medicine

From: Nathalie Boittin

I spent 2 weeks in Mexico taking Spanish classes and once classes were over, spent some time working on HIV CME modules. Very helpful in gaining better understanding of HIV overall and better comprehension of ARV's in particular.