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Elective Rotation: Hospice in Kenya

Contact: Rhianon Liu, Eileen O'Callaghan

Location: Thigio, Kenya

Our Lady’s Hospice in Thigio, Kenya, is a 9 bed inpatient hospice facility founded by the Daughters of Charity. I spent a day working there as part of my elective experience with KEHPCA (Kenya Hospice and Palliative Care Association) and had a wonderful experience. The hospice is the responsibility of Sister Eileen O’Callaghan, an amazing woman. Most patients are suffering from cancer although some also have HIV. I was able to do a home visit to a neighboring township as well as spend some time talking with patients, looking at their files, and learning from the staff. In addition to the hospice, the Daughters of Charity have built a clinic, community center, women’s center, counseling center, library, and more. I think this is a site where one could spend much longer than one day – the sisters are very happy to have visitors and any programs we can offer – since the community is already used to coming there it could be a great opportunity to deliver some short intervention.


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