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Elective Rotation: Hospice of Petaluma

Contact: Anna L. Chollet, Scott Eberle

Location: Hospice of Petaluma. 416 Payran St. Petaluma, CA

I had an opportunity to do home visits with a hospice nurse (Ramona Chamberlain) in Petaluma, meet with Dr. Scott Eberle who directs Hospice of Petaluma to discuss end-of-life care, and to attend HoP’s interdisciplinary meeting. I had anticipated doing some home visits with Dr. Steve Hadlund as well but we ran out of time. Dr. Jenny Fish is also work for HoP now, and I believe she would be another person open to taking residents along on home visits. Everyone I met through Hospice of Petaluma appears to love their job, so it was a great group to spend time with!

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