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Elective Rotation: Inpatient, Writing and Spanish

Contact: Sevy Gurule

Location: Ukiah, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz

Inpatient- I worked on the inpatient team at Ukiah. I recommend contacting them many months in advance to ensure access to computer system and privileges. It was an excellent experience, especially if you are interested in inpatient medicine. Each day I arrived at 7am to round. Once rounding was completed I hung out with the admitting doctor and did all the admissions (2-4 daily). I was usually out by 4-5. Rounding is also in the ICU. They are eager to have us!

I attended the Kaiser medical Spanish intensive in Santa Cruz. Very well organized, awesome location/hotel, completely funded by Kaiser. Would recommend it to intermediate to advanced Spanish speakers. Some very quick conjugation/grammar review. More time spent on medical vocabulary and Latino patient health.

I worked closely with Dr. Sloan to write op-eds. I spend several half days working on various articles.

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