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Elective Rotation: Job exploration


Contact: Alisa Awtry

Location: San Diego, Nebraska, North Carolina

I conducted informal phone interviews with several different practicing physicians in the three places we are likely to move post-residency to get a sense of the culture of family medicine and the job opportunities that exist. After researching possible options, I also started getting into contact with some potential clinics in those places to setup informational interviews.

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Job Exploration

From: Daniel Whitesides

During the third year, it can be a bit daunting to take on the task of figuring out what you want your career to look like. During my elective time, I took time to schedule some informal informational interviews with local CHCs and other health care organizations in the area in hopes of making a more informed decision and getting a better sense of the landscape. I found former residents to be the easiest and best resource for such information but also reached out to HR representatives for the organizations and Medical Directors. A great way to help ease the nerves of the search for future career opportunities and get a good sense of the family medicine landscape in our local community.

Job Exploration

From: Eric Wilson

Elective time was very useful for investigating job opportunities and learning more about the different systems that are available. As others have done in the past, I used some of my time to research options and help formulate my plan for after graduation.