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Elective Rotation: Joint Injections

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Location: SRCH

I spent every Tuesday of my ES month with Carlo Ferrarone learning about and doing joint injections. He does many knee and shoulder injections. My confidence and skills doing these injections greatly improved during this time. Would recommend taking initiative and offering to do the procedures as he is a good teacher but may not be used to residents learning from him.

Dwiju Kumar

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Joint injections with Carlo Ferrarone

From: Brendan Payne

Agreed with above. If you work with him early on and he gets to know you, you can ask him ahead of time for future electives if he can try and stack a specific clinic with injections. Once you see him do a certain type of injection, if you have read about it and know about it, he'll let you do them all. I got 5 shoulder injections and 1 knee injection in one morning.