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Elective Rotation: La Clinica

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Contact: Tracy L. White, Monique Thiry-Zargoza

Location: San Antonio Neighborhood Health Center, Oakland, CA

I spent time shadowing alumni at several different clinics in order to get a taste of what other practice settings and community clinics are like. As a resident, there are few opportunities to evaluate if our experiences at our home clinics are universal to primary care, a community clinic or very individual experiences. I was able to get a snapshot of other clinic settings and am hoping to use the information to help guide my future career endeavors. I got to shadow at La Clinica and see one of their pregnancy group visits. I also got to shadow at their teen clinic on another occasion. It was so nice to be amongst the diversity in Oakland, however, it is obvious that the under resourced clinic would be a taxing place to work in.

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La Clinica Teen Clinic

From: Edna Prieto

I shadowed Dr. Thiry-Zaragoza at the teen clinic. I was pleasantly surprised by the patient's age range which included young children for well child checks, teenagers, and young pregnant women for prenatal care. I agree with Tracy that while patient diversity is great, it is an obviously under resourced clinic. I spent time shadowing/assisting providers during visits and procedures as well as spent time with the health educator who did a lot of contraceptive counseling.