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Elective Rotation: Lakeside ED

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Location: Sutter Lakeside

The highlight of this ES was working in the Lakeside Emergency Room. This emergency room would provide a good rotation for any resident who is comfortable working independently in the ED setting. It provides good opportunity for I&D, intubation, central lines, paracentesis, spinal taps and more. Perhaps my favorite procedure there was draining an 8 cm abscess. The patient population is quite sick but incredibly grateful for their healthcare.

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lakeside ER

From: Tierney Allen

I second this post; a great place to get more experience in the ER. You can work as independently as you are able. Staff is very welcoming. Procedures are very hit or miss depending on the shift. You can pick and choose who you are working with if you get the schedule from Dr. Stein (there is only one ED doc on at a time there). I can recommend Stein and Carbonell as great teachers.