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Elective Rotation: Lakeside ER and Contracosta Ultrasound Course

Contact: Joel Charles

Location: Sutter Lakeside, Contra Costa,

I worked in the Lakeside ED with Dr. John Stein, did a two days point of care ultrasound course at Contra Costa, and worked with a retired radiologist to improve my primary care/emergency medicine radiology skills.

My experience in the Lakeside ED was fantastic preparation for working in a rural ED in Wisconsin. The patients have high acuity, but the ED is small enough that one can get experience running an entire ED, yet have sufficient supervision with the presence of a board certified ED physician.

The Contra Costa ultrasound course was a great introduction and overview of point of care ultrasound, which will improve all aspects of my care as a full spectrum family physician. It has inspired me to improve our overall POCUS training at our residency.

Working with Dr. Scheibel for radiology strengthened my radiology knowledge and experience, and will help make me comfortable in a rural family medicine/ED practice.

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