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Elective Rotation: Marie Stopes Mexico City


Contact: Aaron Greenblatt, Carla Eckhardt, Marie Stopes Mexico Country Director

Location: Marie Stopes Clinica Roma, Mexico City

I spent one very busy, fun, and educationally rich week at the Marie Stopes clinic in Colonia Roma in Mexico City. Marie Stopes is a reproductive health organization based in the UK that is a major actor in providing safe and legal access to abortions worldwide. The Roma clinic is Mexico City’s most busy Marie Stopes clinics, providing literally thousands of first-trimester abortions per year, as well as family planning counseling and contraceptive methods, to women (and men) from Mexico City and further afield in Mexico. The organization has a strong commitment to training, and as a result I benefited from the personal attention of a well-trained, experienced physician who supervised me as I learned the "Marie Stopes method" of manual aspiration. The clinic has a wonderful sense of shared purpose and it was great fun getting to know the doctors, nurses, adminstrators, and support staff. It was also a very valuable language immersion experience, as I had to get used to understanding the very rapid chilango speaking style.


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From: Alison Block

agree this was a fabulous rotation. very kind and welcoming staff, easy to set up and organize. could also probably work with this organization in other parts of the world.

From: Ann Griego

I also spent time at Marie Stopes in DF - one month working at both at their clinic in Colonia Roma and also in Coyoacan. There are 5 clinics in DF. As Aaron mentioned, Roma is definitely the busiest - and open 7 days a week. The volume at both, however, is quite high. The technique used by Marie Stopes is different than that used by Planned Parenthood - and it is interesting to note the differences. Lots of autonomy and lots of procedures.


From: Nicole Baltrushes

I also spent time at Marie Stopes in DF. I spent a total of two weeks and worked at two diferent clinic sites. I happened to be there in April during the two weeks prior to Easter and all the staff swore up and down it was the slowest time of the year. That being said I had a great experience. The clinic in Coyoacan was slow and we would average 3-6 procedures daily but the Clinica Roma was busy and we were doing anywhere form 6-1 procedures in a day. After completing 2nd year and the planned parenthood experience we get in SR, I have completed more TABs in DF than here in California. GREAT rotation. Very hands on .

From: Danielle Wisniewski

I spent 1 wonderful week in Mexico City working mainly in the clinic in Roma. It was a little slow at first and then picked up towards the end of the week. I spent most of the time doing or observing first trimester abortions, and one day observing second trimester abortions with a gynecologist in the clinic in Perisur. I performed about 20 first trimester MVAs while I was there, slower then normal, attributed to this being 2 weeks before Easter when there are more protesters (very peaceful, more peaceful than in the US) outside the clinic, scaring away some patients. I stayed in Condesa and walked to the clinic in Roma most days, which was also an enjoyable part, eating everything and enjoying the city.

From: Elisabeth Bedolla

Spent 2 weeks in Marie Stopes Roma clinic. Stayed 10-min walk away in Condesa, short and safe walk. Worked with Dra Gaby and Dra Susana who are very patient and great teachers. Takes a few minutes for whole clinic to warm up to you. Once you observe a few you start to do your own TABs, all MVA. TABs are 1/2 under sedation, and 1/2 without. Due to protocols, there are waves of busy vs not busy, thus take a book to read or go out for longer lunchtime in-between procedure. Did about 30 procedures and observed a whole bunch in 9-day span. Plus got to explore CDMX and eat lots of good food! Would highly recommend.

Marie Stopes

From: Lara Crystal-Ornelas

I spent 1 week working at the Marie Stopes Clinic in La Roma and living walking distance from the clinic as other residents have. The volume was variable but very high on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I observed at first and then immediately very hands on. I did about 30 procedures on my own and observed another 15 or so. A mix of MVA with sedation and without. Slightly different techniques which is interesting to experience. Procedures always done with ultrasound, no cervical blocks, and using cannula as dilators. Although very pleasant to work with Dra. Gaby adn Dra. Susana, it was very difficult to get in touch with Dr. Alfonso Carrera who runs the clinics. Very slow to respond to emails, which made planning difficult. But once I was there, it was super rewarding. Was super nice to see my maternal family who majority live nearby in CDMX. I also was able to go directly from this clinical experience to the North American Forum on Family Planning conference and expand my family planning learning and networking.