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Elective Rotation: Maternity and Motherhood Elective


Contact: Sarah Murphy

Location: Santa Rosa

The attached form provides information on logistics for taking EA time with a new baby.
Tara Scott has an outline for the full EA activities including articles to read, etc.
Additionally consider the following resources:

– Breastfeeding Made Simple -by Mohrbacher
– Lactation Management Pocket Guide by Cadwell & Turner
– Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk by West and Marasco
– Working Without Weaning by Berggren
– Breastfeedingonline.com (website by Jack Newman, MD)

General Baby Books:
– Happiest Baby on the Block by Karp (5 S’s – swaddle, shush, swing, side lying, suck)
– Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Hogg
– Bringing up Bebe by Druckerman (American woman raising kids in France)

Sleep Books:
– Sleep, Baby, Sleep by William Sears (attachment parenting guru)
– The No Cry Sleep Solution by Pantley (tends towards attachment parenting)
– Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Weisbluth (step-wise approach to sleep training)
– Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems by Ferber (also step-wise approach to sleep training)
– Baby Wise by Ezzo (more strict sleep training approach)
– Also see: Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Hogg (above)

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Maternity Elective

From: Amy Marietta

I spent a month of my elective away time in part doing reading and activities related to lactation, early childhood development, and maternal and child health. I read the required readings as well as a plethora of literature and resources about breastfeeding and low milk supply, as I struggled with my own milk supply issues. Through my reading and personal experience, I went on to develop and present on "Low MIlk supply- Initial evaluation steps" to residents as a morning didactic session. I am currently refining this presentation in collaboration with Erin Lunde, MD and Chris Moses, LC, so that it might be included in the residency didactic sessions on breastfeeding for resident education.

Maternity Elective

From: Kayla Flores Tindall

I completed a 4 week maternity elective away which included reading Simplicity Parenting, The Natural Child, and TIME Mindfullness. I worked with the owner of the Santa Rosa Women's Health and Birth center to plan a postpartum group and attended a postpartum walking group. I attended Herbal Medicine in Midwifery course, the Latino Health Forum, and PRIME conference where I was able to teach Advocacy writing workshop. This occurred during the fires so I also worked at Sonoma West on our evacuated patients and was evacuated and on standby for part of this time. I also investigated Community Action Partnership's parent education program called Pasitos and Avance and attended Pasitos with my daughter.