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Elective Rotation: Multidisciplinary

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Contact: Arlene Vázquez

Location: Lombardi & Vista

I spent a few days developing interviews on DM, pap smears & HPV in Spanish, that I later recorded with Dr. Enrique Gonzalez-Mendez to be aired on Spanish public radio. I spent two Thursday mornings at Lombardi with Dr. Enrique Sanchez-Mendez in his procedures & colpo clinics.

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Multidisciplinary - continued

From: Arlene Vázquez

Spent several days with Dr. Enrique Gonzalez-Mendez throughout multiple elective rotations developing, recording, and editing interviews in Spanish regarding various health topics in Latino Health to be aired on local public Spanish radio. I spent several Thursdays with Dr. Enrique Sanchez-Mendez at Lomardi (Southwest) clinic in his colpo and procedures clinics, obtaining hands-on experience in outpatient procedures in the clinic setting. Spent a few days reviewing and analysing notes from procedures and outpatient visits to assess and learn billing techniques.