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Elective Rotation: Nicaragua: San Juan Del Sur


Contact: Wendy Kohatsu, Colleen Harrison, Jenny Fish, Ben Brown

Location: San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Outpatient rotation working on the western coast of Nicaragua.  Clinical activities included daily excursions to the surrounding countryside clinics.  Most of the medical care was preformed by the resident, supervising Nicaraguan doctor and nursing staff.  Public health and urgent care/ER opportunities also exist.

If interested contact Francisco Trilla

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medical mission type opportunities

From: Emily Loader

Hello Francisco, My husband and I are traveling to San Juan for a week of vacation, and if possible, we'd like to do some medical service work while we are in town. We have served three full medical missions in Peru, and my husband is a family physician. Can you suggest any one-day medical mission-like projects or organizations who might welcome extra hands for some volunteer work while we are in San Juan del Sur?? With gratitude, Emily

medical services in san juan del sur

From: debbie

I will be spending 3 months in San Juan Del Sur. I have a couple of medical conditions and will need to see a doctor while I am there to refil prescriptions. Could you tell me where or who to contact in order to make sure nothing untoward should happen? Thanks Debbie san

Resident physician interested in elective rotation

From: Caroline Davis

Hello, I am a second year resident physician at the Natividad Medical Center Family Medicine Residency. I am interested in the San Juan Del Sur elective rotation. Is it possible for me to take it as a resident from another program? The opportunities there sound excellent for the type of work I am looking for on my elective abroad April 24-May 12, 2013. I have experience working abroad in the medical field in Tanzania, Guatemala and Gabon. I speak medical Spanish fairly well; the majority of our patients at Natividad Medical Center are Spanish speaking and are medically under-served. I am very committed to providing healthcare to communities that have limited access to medical care, and working in the medical field abroad. I am happy to provide you with more information at your request. I would require approval for the elective by my advisors, and a supervisor to fill out a performance evaluation at the end of my stay. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Caroline Davis, DO

Medical Service

From: Cynthia Malowitz

I am a nurse practitioner and own a minor emergency clinic in Corpus Christi, TX. I'm buying a house in San Juan Del Sur in the near future. My plan is to spend about 12 weeks per year in SJDS. While I'm there, I would be very interesting in volunteering my services at a medical clinic for the underserved. Thank you.

MD seeks medical mission work in San Juan del Sur during May 2014

From: Dr. Glen Monteiro

My friend, Kim Dwyer, who is a clinical pharmacist in a large hospital, also seeks this opportunity. We are willing to pay for our travel and accommodations if an opportunity is available. Please let me know? Thanks, Dr. Glen Monteiro

Elective Rotation

From: Sebastian Sheehan

Hello, I am a final year medical student based in Cardiff in the UK, and I have my elective period coming up in February/March/April. I would love to come to Nicaragua and San Jaun Del Sur sounds like an superb place to get involved. How might I go about learning more about the programme and then making a formal application to the please? Kind Regards, Seb

Elective Placement

From: Steffan Seal

Hi there I am also a final year medical student from Cardiff school of medicine in the UK. I have an elective period from Late February until early April. I have an intermediate grasp of Spanish having done a medical placement in Spain already. Is there any way I can make a formal application? Many thanks Steffan Seal