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Elective Rotation: Nutrition Elective

Contact: Hana Clark

Location: Santa Rosa

I spent my time during this elective expanding my knowledge and resources around nutrition as it relates to healthcare in the family practice setting. My two weeks were comprised of several activities: 1) CME courses through the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Website. These are well organized and comprehensive courses on specific nutrition topics in medicine (http://integrativemedicine.arizona.edu/education/online_courses.html). 2) I read the following texts: –“Nutrition Concepts and controversies”. A textbook on more basic nutrition concepts and a wonderful resource and reference to have available for refer to in future practice. — “Staying Healthy with the Seasons” by Elson Haas, MD. This book focuses on eating according to the seasons. Including reference to Chinese and Ayurvedic approaches to health and diet. — “Nutrition in Action”. This is a wonderful monthly journal with well referenced articles about up-to-date nutrition topics. 3) I spent a day with Dr. Elson Haas, MD in his integrative medicine clinic in Marin (http://www.pmcmarin.com/). The Preventative Medical Center of Marin is a traditional family practice combined with osteopathy, allergy, acupuncture, nutrition counseling, and medical intuitive consultations under one medical home. 4) Local experience: — Ceres Community Project: This is an inspiring nonprofit organization that functions to bring organic, local, and well-balanced nutritious meals to individuals undergoing treatment for cancer. The model has expanded to include nutrition classes for the volunteers and public as well as supporting a teen wellness mission. This is a wonderful resource to know about in our community as a possibility for collaboration in the future and for referrals for your patients undergoing cancer treatment. I was able to spend time with JoEllen DeNicola, Nutrition Director to learn more about this project and what the focus on interms of nutrition goals in their client population (http://www.ceresproject.org/ ) — Northern California Center for Well Being: This is also a wonderful resources for our patients and covered by many of or state programs. There are many group and individual classes available here for education around nutrition and diabetes, CHF, HTN, obesity, and even for our pediatric population interested in investing early in learning about healthy lifestyle. There are classes in both English and Spanish. I found it very difficult to arrange in-person observation/experience on site through this organization, however talking by phone with the nutrition counselors and reviewing the resources they offer was very helpful to broaden my knowledge of what I can offer to my patients. (http://www.norcalwellbeing.org/)

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