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Elective Rotation: OB Skills Elective

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Contact: Ron Romero, Erin Lunde

Location: Vista/Sutter

Under the guidance of Dr. Erin Lunde I spent 3 weeks of elective selective working to really refine my OB procedural skills, including knot tying, c-section skills, laceration repair, circumcisions. This included one on one sessions with FP attendings, including Tom Neal, Enrique Sanchez, in addition to Erin Lunde as well as a small amount of excellent readings. It was an amazing experience to have to time to devote to these skills without the other consuming responsibilities of the L&D floor when you are on OB.

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OB skills elective

From: Anna Chollet

I also spent some elective time working on OB skills during my elective, including circumcisions and cesarean sections. It is great time have time to work on the hands-on skills without being pulled away by several other competing events.