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Elective Rotation: Outpatient procedures

Contact: Ashmi Ullal

Location: Lombardi, Vista

My goal for this elective selective involved working on my outpatient skills and I did this by doing coloposcopy clinic at Vista and procedure clinic with Dr. Sanchez in Lombardi. Both experiences were hands-on and allowed me to become more adept at colposcopy, for example, as I had no prior experience. During procedure clinic, I had the opportunity to cut off skin tags, perform cryotherapy on warts, remove two lipomas, perform a punch biopsy, and do another two colposcopies. I found it valuable to see how a family doctor can integrate a number of procedures into a regular clinic or have a focused clinic for these types of procedures.

Additionally, I used the elective selective time to work on my skills and knowledge surrounding HIV/AIDS through CME online workshops recommended by Daniel Toub and former resident Cathryn Christianson through a learning module under University of Washington. http://depts.washington.edu/nwaetc/echo/presentations.html. I was also able to attend an HIV lecture series entitled “Disclosure and Dating: Navigating the Challenges Facing Youth Living with HIV” through Kaiser.

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