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Elective Rotation: Palliative Care Shadowing


Contact: Rhianon Liu, Jenny Fish

Location: Santa Rosa Memorial Hospice

I worked with the some of the palliative care physicians associated with Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, including Gary Johansen, Scott Eberle, and Austin Sue, to gain more experience in palliative care. With them I was able to attend interdisciplinary rounds at Memorial Hospice, do several home visits, take inpatient consults, and see outpatients in clinic. They are all welcoming and eager to include residents, and it was a great way to gain exposure to the various aspects of palliative medicine.

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Update to Palliative Care - Kaiser

From: Rhianon Liu

During my 2nd ES time, I took the opportunity to work with Kaiser palliative care physician Dr. Jayawardena in her outpatient clinic. The service is small (she is the only doctor) and they do not have their own hospice, but she was great to work with, eager to teach, and open to other residents. I had also planned to work with their inpatient palliative care team but was unable to due to scheduling constraints - I think this would also be a great opportunity.

Palliative Care elective time

From: TC Robbins

Like Rhi, I also worked with Gary Johanson and Andrew Wagner at Memorial Hospice. I sat in on their interdisciplinary rounds to learn more about the role doctors play on a hospice team. I also worked with Dr. Austin Sue in his palliative care clinic to learn more about what it is like to do outpatient palliative medicine. I also used my elective time to complete a medical asylum evaluation with Lucia.