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Elective Rotation: Plant based diet and preconception wellness research

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Location: San Francisco, CA

For the first half of my elective, I spent time researching information about a plant-based diet and learning how to best practice this diet for myself as well as effectively share information with patients. I located resources to share with patients and practiced quick, affordable plant-based recipes that I could also share with patients starting out on a plant-based diet. For the second half of my elective, I spent time researching preconception health–specifically the areas of nutrition, exercise and mental health. I again located resources for patients and spent time learning about affordable and effective ways women (and men!) can improve their health prior to conception in order to help improve their baby’s health.

–Olivia Gamboa

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Anti- inflammatory recipes

From: Kathy Zehntner

hello... I often hand out the anti-inflammatory / elimination diet to my patients. Do you happen to have any good recipes or menus as well. Thank you for your time and consideration. Kathy Zehntner, RD, LDN STMP- Integrative/Funtional Medicine- Brentwood