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Elective Rotation: Radiology with Dr. Schibel

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Contact: Anastasia Coutinho

Location: Dr. Schibel's House

Dr. Schibel, Lord of Retired Radiology, will spend as little or as much time with you focusing on reading XRs and CTs on a light box in his house. Can choose a focus as he has many scans available. Great starting points for IM and ED work are CXRs, AXRs, CT Heads!

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Radiology w/ Dr. Schibel

From: Kim Clinite

Spent 2 half days with Dr. Scheibel reviewing CXR and Abdominal Xrays. Honed systematic approach to reading Xrays with his guidance. He has a variety of cases he has collected over the years showing both common and more rare radiologic findings.