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Elective Rotation: Rural FM on Arizona Border

Contact: Jacqueline Abdalla

Location: Southern Arizona (Douglas and Ajo)

There was no change from my elective experiences and what I wrote on my elective form.

I posted to the web on my 2 weeks in Arizona under “Rural FM”, on April 8.

I spent 2 weeks at 2 different FQHCs in Southern Arizona. The first week was in Douglas, Arizona, which is a rural border town on the US/Mexico border. Their FHQC is part of a broader network of FQHCs spread out throughout the county, similar to Vista. I was able to work with Family docs practicing peds and adult medicine (they do not provide pre-natal/OB care). I was also able to work with outreach teams to reach works on the fields. There was a large Spanish-speaking patient population. I spent the second week in Ajo, Arizona, which is a very rural old mining town, at a very small clinic that was lead by one MD and one NP. It’s considered “frontier medicine” because the nearest hospital or other clinic was 90 miles away. Here they also only saw peds and adults, no prenatal or OB care.


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