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Elective Rotation: Rural medicine in Ukiah

Contact: Karl Greer, Charlie Evans, Lucia Roncalli

Location: Ukiah

Spent a few days with the hospitalist/ICU service at rural hospital in Ukiah. Also spent time working in the ED. Great group of people there and a nice taste of rural medicine. I was only there a few days but would make a nice 2 week rotation. In that case would be important to get privileges early so that it could be more than a shadowing experience. Contact is a former SR grad, currently chief of staff, Charlie Evans (707-321-8210, drceevans@comcast.net). He is very receptive to ongoing resident involvement and will likely recruit you for post-residency employment. They have a goal of starting a primary care clinic integrated with the hospital. Former grad Lucia Roncalli also works on the hospitalist service there, commuting from Santa Rosa. Ukiah is also a cool little town.


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