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Elective Rotation: Santa Rosa Women’s Health and Birth Center


Contact: Wendy Dryden

Location: Birth Center

During my elective, I had the opportunity to shadow and work alongside the midwives at the Birth Center. The midwives are great teachers, and I enjoyed learning about their practice model. I learned quite a few handy tips that I plan to put into my own practice. The midwives were open to having me on-call for deliveries, too, but it didn’t work in to my schedule.


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From: Ana Coutinho

Spent some time in the Birth Center, but was placed with the midwife on-call for clinic visits, which was not helpful as it tended to be lots of NST/AFIs. Would not recommend or would suggest making sure you can see people in routine clinic.

From: Gillian Zuckerman

Also spent some time at the Birth Center. I did shadow in their routine clinic, which was great learning (they have so much time for each of their appointments, they do a much better job of counseling than we do on the whole). I was also on-call for deliveries, but this was really difficult to arrange. I think the best way of approaching this is to have a totally self-directed curriculum for your elective time (ie, online modules, etc), but then to be on call at any time. If you have structured activities, you're guaranteed to miss deliveries, and if you rely on seeing a delivery as your only activity, you'll often end up not doing anything.