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Elective Rotation: Self-designed Behavioral Health Elective

Contact: Joe Stewart

Location: Access clinic with Ari Harrison, SAFE clinic at Vista, Brookwood with Alex Threlfall

Three part behavioral health experience
1. Spent all day Monday shadowing Ari Harrison at the Sonoma County Access Clinic, where folks who are in subacute/new need of psychiatric services (acute likely hospitalized at crisis stabilization unit) come to be evaluated for diagnosis and workup (if any), make medication recommendations, and help to arrange follow-up and ongoing care within county system or transitioning to routine outpatient care (like at Vista). Great to see a wide variety of psychiatric pathology, observe Dr. Harrison’s excellent interviewing abilities, and chat openly and honestly about patients, psychiatry, and various ins and outs of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. He is very warm and welcoming and was great to spend time with.
2. SAFE clinic. I spent time with SAFE clinic providers (suboxone for opioid dependence) on three separate occasions. This involved watching the team huddle, see the various specialists (coordinator, nurse, MD) interview and assess patients on their treatment and make changes as necessary, and then sit for patient education. Super useful to see how our system works, and also great if interested in chemical dependency work in the future.
3. Alex Threlfall at Brookwood Clinic. He’s a psychiatrist and clinic director at Brookwood. I spent two half days shadowing with him seeing new patient psychiatric consults and follow-ups. Great to see a different kind of psychiatric patient (different population than at Vista), and see another expert carry out interviews in their own way. A good variety of psychopathology to see and good discussion on assessment and treatment decisions. Also just very nice to spend time at Brookwood (otherwise, we don’t go there during residency).

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