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Elective Rotation: Spanish Immersion

Contact: Tracy L. White

Location: Quito, Ecuador

I chose to travel to Ecuador, which allowed me to travel and experience a South American culture while learning Spanish that is very similar to the Mexican and Central American Spanish that is spoken by many of our patients.

The Spanish school that I went to was called Yanapuma and has multiple locations, but I studied at the Quito location. There was one on one tutoring with a focus on medical Spanish. Because it was one on one, my teacher was able to meet me where I was at, which required a lot of basic skills as well as medical Spanish. The school provided a homestay, which made everything easy, as well as completed the “immersion” aspect. In addition to the immersion course, the school offers online courses. You can have Skype sessions with professors and do them from wherever you want if you aren’t up for the travel.

Overall, I thought everything was well organized and I would recommend this program.

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