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Elective Rotation: Sutter Lakeprot Rural OB

Contact: Martin Escandon

Location: Sutter Lakeport Hospital

I worked with Dr. Pflum on L&D at Sutter Lakeport, a 5 bed unit. I took first call for L&D patients and triage. Over 4 days I did 4 NSVDs, supervised by Dr. Pflum in the same practice model we use on L&D at Sutter Santa Rosa. There is housing on the hospital campus that is very comfortable but has limited cell phone service and no internet. The experience was excellent overall with a chance to both get more thorough feedback on my manual and management skills from the attending physician and stretch myself into practicing more independently. The patient population was approximately 50% Spanish speaking and practicing in a more remote facility without access to NICU helped me more effectively prioritize urgent patients and triages and think several steps down the line in management. I hope to return.

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