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Elective Rotation: Sutter lakeside


Contact: Tyler C.R. Gray

Location: lakeport, CA

I spent 4 days at Sutter lakeside, with time shadowing on the inpatient medical/ICU floors, ED, and outpatient clinic. There are 2 family medicine clinics affiliated with the hospital, 2 cardiologists, 1-2 general surgeons, a couple orthopods, and the same ED group that works at the Sutter ER. Older patients in the hospital than we see, very rural (they consider Santa Rosa the big city!). Let me know if you want to hear more about it!

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Elective Rotation: Sutter Lakeside

From: Nathalie Boittin

I spent 5 days at Sutter Lakeside, mostly on the inpatient service and with some time in the ED. It's an interesting hospital as they have far fewer resources than we do in Santa Rosa so are pretty limited in what they can do. I had my own patients that I followed on the inpatient service and rounded on every day, usually going from 8am to 1-2pm. After that I went to the ED and was able to jump in to do procedures, generally lacerations and splinting. The inpatient attending was very open to having a resident there and all the RN's were very welcoming and nice. The ED doctors were usually open to a resident presence as well and there was an awesome PA who was happy to let me do a lot of procedures. The hospital is really excited to start having more residents around. They have a house that's a 5min walk from the hospital where they can put you up, very comfortable with a kitchen, so you can stay up there instead of going back and forth every day. Overall it was a fun 5 days' experience. Any questions let me know!

Great experience at critical access hospital.

From: Kimberly Clinite

I spent 4 day in the ED and on L&D. I rotated on days that Dr. Stein was in the ED. He had me work very independently and see almost all of the patients. It was great exposure to low resource setting and required having to make decisions about patient stability and need for transfer. I also worked on L&D seeing triage and admitting patients.

From: Danielle Wisniewski

I spent 4 days on Labor and Delivery only, and it was a great experience. There were 3 deliveries over that time and several triages. I was the first one the nurses would call day and night about triages and admissions. I stayed a 5 min walk away from the hospital which made it easy to go in to see patients. I worked with Dr. Pflum and Dr. Barnes who were both interested in teaching and letting me have autonomy.