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Elective Rotation: Teaching/Learning

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Contact: David Stromberg

Location: Vista, CA

Multiple half days of this elective were dedicated to improving the quality and content of our training with regards to becoming better teachers.  A rather free form elective, the majority of halfdays dedicated to this topic included: Creating a formal teaching cirriculum, formulating a needs assesment focusing on how to make our residents better teachers, shadowing/junior precepting in clinic, creating a reading list for interested learners.  A dynamic ES requiring a great deal of self motivation but worthwhile for people interested in the teaching culture in our residency or interest in teaching in a future capacity.

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Shadow Precepting

From: Mary Puttmann

I also did scattered days of shadow precepting for one of my electives. It was useful to see how our attendings take a broad approach to the half-day of clinic precepting and how it's organized, then to see how they may narrow down to specific ways of dealing with each resident and their patients. It would have been even more useful earlier in my residency since it gave a good perspective on how I could precept better in my own clinic and use the preceptors to get as much learning as possible.