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Elective Rotation: Transgender Health


Location: Vista Health Center & Brookwood

I worked with Dr. Suegee Tamar-Mattis on Thursday evenings. She holds a transgender clinic every Thursday from 6-9pm that alternates between the two locations. Suegee is a critical leader in trans health and shares both great clinical knowledge in addition to the history of trans health. You see patients with her and have the opportunity to discuss after each visit.

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From: Kayla Flores Tindall

I second what Toni has said. I only got to spend one evening with Dr. Tamar-Mattis but even that was very helpful. I learned so much in those few hours. I look forward to co-managing some trans patients with her to further my learning in trans health.

Rotating with Dr Ramirez

From: Jacqueline Abdalla

After graduating the residency and completing additional training in transgender heath, Dr. Ramirez now practices at the weekly transgender clinic. I was able to work with her (shadowing) for 2 evenings. Not only was it practical clinical learning, but also a wonderful eye-opening experience with a very marginalized patient population

Trans Clinic w/ Dr. Ramirez

From: Kayla Flores Tindall

Dr. Ramirez took over trans clinic and I got to shadow her on two evening trans clinics at Vista during my elective selective. She is great with the patients and I learned so much about the medicines and appropriate monitoring but most importantly the social support services, post-operative care, and need to go above and beyond in supportive therapeutic relationship in this vulnerable population.