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Excellence Integrity Relationship

Elective Rotation: Trauma-informed healthcare, accountable communities for health

Contact: Serena Edwards

Location: Santa Rosa

During this elective, I learned about trauma-informed healthcare in pediatrics. I discussed the trauma screening initiatives at Roseland and Elsie Allen with Dr. Kieschnick, who leads the trauma-informed healthcare lecture series, and I gathered resources that we can use as healthcare providers to minimize the impacts of potentially-traumatic hospital and clinic experiences on our pediatric patients.

I also dedicated one day to working on my Somatic Experiencing trauma training, including hosting a study group at my house for discussion and practice. This was the first time I had the opportunity to work with my fellow SE students outside of our ongoing training workshops, and it was a rewarding experience to be able to explore the tools that we are learning for trauma work in a more relaxed setting.

I also met with Dr. Milman to discuss my upcoming role in a subcommittee of the Health Action Council (my longitudinal leadership role) that will be working on the California Accountable Communities of Health Initiative (CACHI), which is a 3-year grant working toward forming an “Accountable Community of Health.” Similar to an Accountable Care Organization, this involves disparate organizations working together to do population health management – but broader-reaching, including community organizations, social services, and policy mechanisms. I am excited about my role as resident liason in this group and look forward to working with them more!

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