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Elective Rotation: UC Davis Mind Institute IDD Module and AADMD modules

Contact: Karla Panameño

Location: Santa Rosa

In addition to my time at Dutton with the IDD team. I also spent time completing modules to learn about how to assess for various diagnosis in patients with varied non-verbal neurotypical disorders. I found the AADMD PEDS module to provide a good basic foundation of knowledge about how to communicate, assess for changes or symptoms in verbal and non-verbal patients, how to evaluate seizure disorder, how to avoid polypharmacy and organize medication, and how to discuss shared decision making with patients who are verbal and have capacity to make decision. There was also a great webinar on how to conceptualize and organize preventive care. The UC Davis modules were great to learn more about autism and other childhood NDD. They were more geared toward children. The ADEPT training modules were made for parents and caregivers, but I found it helpful in obtaining information that can be used to help explain autism diagnosis and behavioral strategies to parents. It is in Spanish as well.


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