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Elective Rotation: Ukiah Inpatient Medicine

Contact: Emily Wilkinson, Charlie

Location: Ukiah Valley Medical Center

I spent two weeks working on the hospitalist service at Ukiah Valley Medical Center with an awesome group of family practice and internal medicine docs who cover the inpatient service as well as the ICU. It was a great opportunity to see what rural hospital care is like and how it differs from ours (especially in the small ICU), as well as a great chance to continue to build my inpatient skills. They also offer a different model of care that includes working with a team of mid-level providers which was great to see. The entire hospital staff was incredibly friendly and supportive, most of them knowing who I was ahead of time, and offering to help orient me when needed. The hospitalists were also great at giving me autonomy to see patients on my own while still offering adequate supervision and teaching. The group is interesting in building on their relationship with residents in our program, and if you go ahead and go through the credentialing process ahead of time (I did), you will be allowed to write orders, see patients, and do procedures just as you would at our hospital. Without this, the rotation wouldn’t have been nearly as valuable! Charlie Evans is the main contact and director of the hospitalist program; he is very approachable and a grad of our program!

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